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    Complete Love Stories vol 28 #2 (1953)

    That explains why he’s so into anal play

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    "Carry one cuz you can or carry one because you wanna be a cool guy but you’ve got responsibilities when you do it"

    Fuck you suck my dick

    "None of your fucking business, am I being detained?"

    That’s why I always drive on the wrong side of the road. It’s none of your business how I want to drive my car. It’s my right to drive this possibly-deadly-object however I want. If someone else gets hurt because I recklessly flaunt the rules because I think I’m a tough hotshot who’s trying to make a political point about individual sovereignty well that’s their own fault for being such a pussy.

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    This is one of the cemeteries where the state of Ohio buried the residents of the mental hospital whose families either didn’t claim them or were too poor to afford to do it themselves. The gravestones are all the same size and shape, and most are simply a name with a birth and death date.

    The most striking feature is that there are 2 gravestones marked “SPECIMEN.” What that could possibly entail is horrifying. 


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  • My dad says he doesn’t like Steve McQueen I might have to kill him

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    I have to explain why I love this scene.

    These two characters are, let’s just say, not counted among my favourites. But I love this scene to holy hell.

    There is something about Millie that I can not help admiring. She doesn’t have the qualities that would normally qualify as “cool” in the conventional sense of the word, but, really, she couldn’t care less. Because of this, like I’d mentioned before, she is probably the most rad square person ever. It genuinely does not register to her as important whether people see her as worthy of their time or not. She will be who she wants to be, and what she wants is to be “uncool” because that’s where her interests lie, that’s where she fits and feels like she belongs. It’s a choice. She is a full-on, cardigan-wearing,  A Walk to Remember incarnate, on steroids. In this scene at the party, she is determined and proceeds to be the most hilarious buzz kill.What I’m probably drawn to is the fact that she has a strength of character that no one else on the show has. If she has a point to make, then, by god, she will sing about Jesus to make it and, you know what, no one will find it the least bit cool and she knows this. Despite not being completely successful in her attempt to show how much fun could be had whilst sober, I will always have respect for people who can have the time of their low key lives without getting plastered and stoned. That’s not an easy thing to do (youth-culture-wise). I love her even if I don’t.

    Then there’s Nick. The character I probably should have grown to love more, but didn’t. I kind of disliked him more and more as the show went on actually, which makes me feel guilty because he’s probably the least prejudiced person on the show. He doesn’t judge. That’s the quality I like most about him and why I can’t fully hate on him. When he starts singing with Millie, there is not a hint of irony or mockery in what he’s doing. He genuinely is enjoying himself and effectively validates Millie the way none of his other friends (or anyone else in the party, for that matter, not even Lindsay) would have done. It instantly transforms Millie’s cringe-worthy solo into an acceptably entertaining duet. It’s amazing how something can turn from completely painful and sad to hilarious and kind of awkwardly cute with the addition of just the right other person. This is probably the happiest I’d ever seen Millie throughout the course of the show. It really reminds me of how much we can help people out, just by making them feel like they’re not in it alone.

    So that’s why I love this scene; because here is Millie, being Millie, and here is Nick, letting Millie be Millie.

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    Spectra of various sources of light. Astronomy for the Use of Schools and Academies. 1882.

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    Got this gem at Hudson Tattoo Co. North Bergen, NJ from the amazing Alistair D Borthwick